The impeachment charade: Stand Up America, the liberal bourgeoisie, and public manipulation

While what he said to the UN doesn’t completely apply to this situation, the comments about manipulation of public consciousness and dissemination of false information, a minimum, are correct in this case.

The Democrats have made their boldest move yet to unseat the orange menace: impeachment proceedings. Not only is the whole capitalist party machinery on board, including party leaders like Nancy Pelosi, and Russophobes like Adam Schiff, but so are entertainment personalities like Rosie O’Donnell, Kirk Acevedo, Danny Zucker, George Takei, pundits like Dean Obeidallah, Holly O’Reilly, and others like Tara Dublin and Lesley Abravanel. [1] Unfortunately, the “alternative” media mavens, like Lee Camp and Ben Norton, to name two major ones, are no help in untangling this mess, either minimizing the 2016 election to “wealthy special interests” and the bourgeois media getting people to “focus on foreign boogie men” in the case of Camp or saying that US politics is now a “brain-numbingly ridiculous clown show” due to Russiagate in the case of Norton. Similarly, you can read Aaron Mate at The Nation who admits the premise of the claims against the orange menace are valid, saying he “clearly engaged in unethical conduct…[and that] the whistle-blower’s concern that Trump attempted to “abuse his office for personal gain” is worthy of investigation” even as he is unsure if this impeachable, calling the scandal over Ukraine a “bad gambit” for Democrats, Anthony DiMaggio sneering at those who say that “impeachment is a “gift” to Trump,” calling it “fearmongering” and scoffing at the idea that the “impeachment inquiry is entirely theatrical,” Chris Hedges wringing his hands about how impeachment of the orange menace is cosmetic and implying that violence is on horizon provide no closure, or Paul Street calling for the end to the “Trump-Pence regime…as humanly [as] possible…through a sustained mass rebellion,” even citing anti-communist “leftist” thinker, Noam Chomsky for support. All of these people talk about impeachment, with polls claiming it is growing in popularity among the populace if these polls have any merit, broadly and miss the agendas at play, at a time that one of the primary papers for the bourgeoisie, the New York Times, literally called for the impeachment of the orange menace, while others, like Mother Jones, are likely in agreement.

Sure, it is questionable if the CIA officer at the center of the storm, making the complaint, is actually a whistleblower, and sure, this scandal is just a routine part of imperial foreign policy. [2] We could also highlight Biden’s corruption and mental instability, imperialism, and general awfulness, making it no surprise he said that Mike Pence, despite the fact he has stood by the fascist policies of the orange menace 100%, is somehow “decent.” That is all relevant, as countering perceptions that the orange menace is worse than Richard Nixon, an utterly laughable, which some bourgeois historians have even criticized. More than the push for impeachment posing many contradictions, especially since the orange menace is obviously corrupt and the U$ literally overthrew the Ukrainian government in 2014, paving the way for neo-fascists to come to power, it is a “struggle by various factions of the ruling class to keep Trump from undermining the strength of U.S. imperialism at home and abroad” and is a process strictly for “ruling class politicians and lawyers.” [3] Of course, Democrats are aligned with the military and intelligence establishments, although Fred Goldstein gets it wrong in describing the supposed “hostility” of the orange menace to U$ imperialism, although he is right that the orange menace and “his whole administration and their enablers should be swept into jail for their crimes.” There is something more sinister going on: a few specific groups pushing impeachment of the orange menace, a fact ignored by all the commentaries I have read on the subject. Each of these groups has a specific agenda, starting with one group in particular, a key player in this charade, as part one of the series on this charade. These groups embody what Lenin described in 1902, not only saying that liberalism should be analyzed from a class point of view, but that

…the interests of the autocracy coincide only with certain interests of the proper tied classes, and only under certain circumstances; frequently it happens that its interests do not coincide with the interests of these classes, as a whole, but only with those of certain of their strata. The interests of other bourgeois strata and the more widely understood interests of the entire bourgeoisie, of the development of capitalism as a whole, necessarily give rise to a liberal opposition to the autocracy

While the orange menace is not directly practicing autocracy, which is defined by the bourgeois Webster’s New World College Dictionary as a government where “one person has absolute power,” also known as despotism or dictatorship, the same principle applies here. Specifically, it is manifested in the main group in this impeachment charade, which claims it is part of the “resistance” against the orange menace: “Stand Up America.” Apart from promoting articles on their Twitter feed, they put up the “grassroots” veneer, exhibit Russophobia, focus on the orange menace himself as the target (even citing Mike Pence for support), and claim the CIA officer’s complaint is the “smoking gun” for impeachment. [4] They say the latter despite the fact, as Michael Parenti argued about the JFK assassination, that “in real life there usually is no smoking gun” because historians “work by a process of accretion, putting piece by piece together until a picture emerges.”

Tweet on October 2nd, 2019

It is obvious that the claims of a “grassroots community” consisting of “over two million progressives” against the orange menace and strengthening bourgeois democracy in the U$ is utter bunk. After all, the organization cropped up in November 2016, after the orange menace won the presidency, thanks to the Electoral College since he lost the popular vote to Killary, working with other organizations like Indivisible, Public Citizen, and Americans for Tax Fairness to push for a release of the orange menace’s tax returns, while also involving itself in opposing the nomination of Neil Gorsuch as Supreme Court Justice, and launched a campaign to support an “independent commission to investigate” the false claims of “Russia’s election meddling.” [5] With this, two of the organization’s leaders stand out apart from the others, whom are often retweeted by the main Twitter account. They are Sean Eldridge and Brett Edkins.

Leaders of Stand Up America

Eldridge is founder and president of the organization, tied into liberal bourgeois politics through his former role as political director of Freedom to Marry, a gay marriage organization. Also, he previously worked for liberal organizations like OutRight Action International and GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders, with a presence in such liberal political circles since 2008, campaigning directly for Obama. He is married to the co-founder of Facebook, Chris Hughes, which pumped money into his failed congressional campaign for New York’s 19th District by 28 points! Hughes is the same person who later purchased The New Republic. Some call both of them “a significant force in political circles, becoming enthusiastic fund-raisers for the [so-called] progressive issues they support.” With all of this, Eldridge is clearly part of White bourgeois politics, but there more at play, as he is literally part of the bourgeoisie with the founding of a venture capital firm, Hudson Valley Ventures. His Jewish heritage allowed him to hold citizenship in the Zionist state, since his mother was born there, and he was born in Canada, abrogating any possibility of presidency.

Edkins, on the other hand, is the political director of this organization, a lawyer, and a former aide to Zbigniew Brzezinski at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a think-tank, from 2006 to 2008. Not only is Brzezinski a good friend of war criminal Henry Kissinger but he was ardently anti-communist. He called the Soviet Union a “multinational empire in the age of nationalism” even in 1950, before Stalin’s death and the beginning of revisionism, and was on board with CIA support to the mujahedin in Afghanistan, gloating that “the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the successful resistance which we helped speed…up the disintegration of the Soviet Union.” He also supported the Vietnam War until it became unpopular in the late 1960s, helped found the Trilateral Commission, and developed the “Carter Doctrine” which committed the U$ to using military force to “protect” the Persian Gulf. Additionally, he supported NATO’s bombing of Kosovo and Yugoslavia in 1999. Clearly, Brzezinski was an ardent imperialist. Edkins, like Eldridge, is among the elite, writing for Forbes, one article for Slate, with his LinkedIn noting his attendance at Yale Law School and Yale University, not saying any more, with the page for the organization being much more descriptive.

Edkins writes about Brzezenski in laudable terms, declaring that for two years he had “a front row seat to American foreign policy.” He also unintentionally noted the connections between former Secretary of State Madeline Albright and Brzezenski: the former helped write his memoirs, while admitting he spent a few weeks editing Brzezinski’s book, Second Chance, which “assessed the foreign policies of Presidents H.W. Bush, Clinton, and W. Bush, and suggested that America had one last chance to restore its political credibility and reclaim the mantle of the world’s leading power.” He even traveled to China with Brzezinski and his wife, Emilie, in October 2007, with the then-Chinese president, Jiang Zemin, recounting “the many Brzezinski books he had read,” discussing various issues, like Iran’s supposed nuclear weapons and Taiwan. They were even taken on a “whirlwind tour of the country” by their Chinese hosts, ending his piece by saying that Brzezinski will be “remembered as a foreign policy great—a man who helped end the Cold War, establish diplomatic ties with China, and negotiate peace between enemies in the Middle East,” declaring that for him he “was an example to emulate, to strive for. He was also a genuinely fun person to work for. I will miss him.” Yikes!

The PR industry enters the picture

These worrying signs about Stand Up America are only amplified by the fact that the organization’s former Senior Digital Strategist, Lee Sova Claypool, who works for faux-progressive and anti-indigenous politician, Elizabeth Warren, according to her Twitter profile, is a committed Russophobe. Claypool also once worked for Everytown for Gun Safety, another astroturf organization that supports “gun control” of the populace’s weaponry, but not of the enforcers of the bourgeoisie, the police, of course. We can find that the organization is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as being located at P.O. Box 1279, New York, NY 10276, according to the homepage of their website. Under that, it says that the site is by “Wild Eye Creative,” a PR-design firm hybrid that helps so-called “world-changing” clients, engaging in what they call “social activism.” This firm was founded by Ben Ostrower, who gloats about their work with “campaigns and organizations in the progressive community” like Nancy Pelosi, Berie Sanders, Kirsten Gillibrand, the DCCC, NARAL, and many more. In his post gloating about this, Ostrower wrings his hands about how the victory of the orange menace brought on the “desperate fear that America had slipped over the precipice into a dark place where democracy, truth, freedom and the rule of law would start to fail in favor of a new authoritarianism,” an ahistorical perspective showing how out-of-touch he is about the actual world. Interestingly, he specifically mentions Stand Up America as one of their first clients, while also noting their work for the “Women’s March,” “Run For Something,” “Here to Stay,” “Swing Left,” “Daily Action,” and “Indivisible”:

In January, we were commissioned to design, brand and launch a new online presence for one of the more prominent of these startup organizations, Stand Up America. At the time they were only on Facebook with some temporary branding, but nonetheless growing an increasingly impressive community. In getting started on the project, we set out to detail in one place the motifs we were already seeing, with some unexpected sources of inspiration…On Stand Up America we decided to deepen this convention with nearly black and white hues — the suggestion being that the resistance isn’t a confused, nuanced or complex idea. It’s a movement whose moral stance is clear, stark, and, literally, black and white…The inspiration for the Stand Up America logo was to subtly evoke a sign or poster that might plaster a city wall. We also set a rule for ourselves not to use true white (#ffffff) on any design element — instead using a cream color to suggest a fading or weathering…For Stand Up America, we introduced an expanded palette to play on this vibrance and energy.

He also declared that the “resistance” needed to be “patriotic,” code for jingoistic, invoking not only the U$ flag but “symbols of American-ism” like the “Statue of Liberty, our national parks, monuments, etc.” while also “establish[ing] a continuity with the Founding Father’s vision,” declaring that “the resistance is about freedom and fairness — quintessentially American ideals” while repudiating anything with “likely ties to Russian interests,” painting anything with a broad Russophobic brush. This is just before he grins that “openness, inclusion and humility are key” and declares that the “resistance needs to speak clearly, be brutally honest, and not pull any punches,” even admitting that the phrase “Make America Great Again” was “clear and outcome-focused”! He ends by saying that the so-called resistance “needs to be aspirational…lead…[and] bring as many people as possible along on its journey,” while “recogniz[ing] our power to inspire the resistance forward.” Yikes, what a load of garbage, which should be no surprise. All of these liberals are just like enemies of Marxism in early 20th century Russia whom renounced class struggle, asked for peace with slaveowners, preaching a doctrine of “social peace,” showing the baseness and spinelessness of liberalism itself, while workers continued to be corrupted by liberalism, to summarize from Lenin’s argument in a 1913 article about the historical destiny of Karl Marx.

Ostrower is not the only one on their team. Their managing director is Jean Perrone, whose LinkedIn page notes her previous roles at the New Organizing Institute (2013-2015), (2012-2013), Sierra Club (2009-2012), and various other places. Adding to this, the organization’s associate creative director, Ida Woldemichael has worked not only with political organizations like Hillary for America and NYC Votes, but has literally been enmeshed with the non-profit industrial complex (by working for the Clinton Foundation) and U$ imperialism (by working for USAID). This makes it no surprise she was the one who developed the “I’m with her” tagline and also serves as the creative director for Everytown in Gun Safety, the second person, apart from Claypool, who has ties to this organization. Others on their team have worked at companies which serve the bourgeoisie, espouse liberal political beliefs, believe that technology can do no wrong, or like making “amazing shit,” whatever in the world that means. [6] The latter person, Janel Sheehan, the Interactive Art Director, even showcased Stand Up America on their dribble page in July 2018, her first post on the site. The resume of the organization’s Visual Designer, Vania Myers, reveals that their clients included MoveOn, NARAL, March for Our Lives, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, Demand Justice, and the Center for American Progress. Similarly, their Digital Strategist, who also works for NARAL Pro-Choice America, Josh Dolin believes in the “value” of branding, a troubling sign. This is embodied on their “Our Work” page [7], saying that Wide Eye did branding, content strategy, art direction, website direction, technical infrastructure, and digital campaigns, shown below:

Clicking on it leads to a case study, stating that they did just about everything for Stand Up America, basically serving as PR agency for them. In the process, they gave it “authenticity,” “identity,” and “moral clarity,” outlining a toolbox for action, and implemented a social media strategy, while collaborating with developers. From this, we learn that the “2 million” is actually in reference to the number of people who visited the page, which means that these numbers could easily be manufactured.

Funding Stand Up America, their connections, and their “issues”

With this, we can move back to the Stand Up America website. Stand Up America declares they defended the Mueller investigation from the beginning, saying the “crimes” revealed can’t be ignored, and declaring they made thousands of calls to Congress and “mobilized over 100,000 people to protest in cities across America in support of the special counsel investigation,” those dumb “protect Mueller” rallies which were totally meaningless drivel. What does this mean for them? That every congressmember should “publicly support drafting articles of impeachment and voting to impeach Donald Trump.” On a similar note, the organization demands the New York State tax returns of the orange menace  be released and note their role in the “Tax March” in 2017. At the same time, they declare that so-called “money in politics” should be reduced, voter participation should be increased, and U$ elections should be protected, claiming there is “proof” that Russia interfered in the 2012 elections for the orange menace. Furthermore, they support common liberal bourgeois demands like paper ballots, restoring voting rights, and contempt of Congress, while mouthing off Russophobic sentiments like “Kremlin-linked individuals” and grumbling about the Russians.

When you try to donate, you are brought to an ActBlue page. You may ask, what is Act Blue? Well, its an online fundraising platform for the Democratic Party, “progressive organizations” and non-profits, tying Stand Up America with the Democratic Party machinery. This is no surprise looking at their about page, which describes them as coming together “in the weeks after the 2016 election,” focusing on

“…strengthening our democracy across the country, standing up to Trump’s corruption, and pushing Congress to draft articles of impeachment and vote to impeach Donald Trump…We drove tens of thousands of calls to oppose Trump’s fake national emergency, which he declared in early 2019 so that he could divert billions of dollars to build a wall along the southern border without Congressional approval…We partnered with a coalition of organizations to ensure Mueller’s investigation was protected…we pledged 13,012 volunteer shifts to progressive candidates, helped 14,469 Americans register to vote, and texted 607,502 voters to help get out the vote!…The Stand Up America community showed up in full-force to oppose Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court….We’ve called, marched, and demanded action [for gun control].”

This brings us to the team behind the organization itself, with the chart below showing all their connections, to PR firms like Berlin Rosen, Anne Lewis Strategies, and Bully Pulpit Interactive, government entities like the U$ State Department, NY Attorney General, NY State Senate, Ivy League schools like Yale, political campaigns like those for Killary and Obama, liberal groups like Tax March, Freedom to Marry, Working Families Party, the Hub Project, Demos, and Integrity First for America, and more establishment entities like the Roosevelt Institute (which claims to be “progressive”), Council on Foreign Relations, CSIS, and Foreign Affairs magazine.

That brings us to the last part of this analysis of Stand Up America. On their privacy policy they list the address of 110 E. 25th Street, New York, NY 10010. At that same location is something called “NeueHouse” calling itself a “home for new ideas, people, conversations and experiences,” a “high-end” workspace for bourgeois individuals. Their website, the Wikipedia page for it, and other pages don’t reveal much other than that they are firmly in the real estate sector (specifically “property management”), with the company headed by a man named Josh Wyatt, who previously was part of Equinox Holdings and Generator Hotels, since late 2018. From the biographies I have read, Wyatt is firmly part of the bourgeoisie, boasting about serving what he calls the “creative class.”

Stand Up America itself is not “always improving” but rather they are always acquiring new funders. In 2016, three donors forked over money to their Super PAC, one of whom was just a person living in Texas. The first was John Kingston III of the Sword and Spoon Group whose group worked with Hollyweird, with Kingston himself sitting on the boards of the American Enterprise Institute, a reactionary think tank, Guard Support, a group supporting the U.S. National Guard, and the Pioneer Institute, along with helping found the Veritas Forum. [8] Kingston is a co-founder of the organization with his wife Jean, while also managing member of an investment firm, OQ Partners, former member of a company which managed over $700 billion in assets (AMG), and is involved in the political arena:

…He is the founder and president of the non-profit organization Better For America, a non-partisan presidential ballot access program to ensure a pathway for an independent candidate to run for President of the United States in 2016…He is also a member of the Campaign to Fix the Debt…and a former member of the National Republican Senatorial Committee Majority Makers and the Republican Governor’s Association Executive Roundtable.

This makes for some interesting politics for Stand Up America, as it means they are tied to reactionary parts of the bourgeoisie, the “Never-Trumpers” in the GOP, and those that want to constrain government expenses by focusing on the debt. As Parenti put it back in 2010, “money is the kind of property that feeds into and mobilizes all sorts of other power resources” adding that if you are not “in the money, you’re not much in the game.” Even worse is the other person who donated to them: Juleanna Glover. Not only has she advised “major corporate clients” and has decades of experience in political circles, but she has served on the staffs of George W. Bush while president, Dick Cheney, Rudy Giuliani while mayor, Steve Forbes when a presidential candidate, John Ashcroft when a senator, and John McCain when a presidential candidate. The latter she even traveled with “throughout the 2008 presidential primary season.” Additionally, she founded a consulting company with John Ashcroft and advised some of the world’s biggest companies like Uber, Microsoft, eBay, JP Morgan Chase, AT&T, PepsiCo, Google, and Alibaba. This is all pointed out her her profile for the Climate Leadership Council (CLC), where she is a Senior Adviser of Strategy. The CLC is a partner of the We Mean Business Network, the aim of which is “perpetual growth via consumption as the solution to climate change” and references “natural capital,” code word for “global privatization of nature via payments for ecosystems services (PES) which is currently being implemented into policies behind closed doors”! [9] So, these groups and individuals are bad news, to say the least! They clearly show the toxic politics of this group as a whole, if it wasn’t obvious already. These people are those whom are part and parcel of the sect of the population that will “do everything it can to exploit the labor of the rest of the people in as pitiless a manner as possible” as Parenti pointed out in 1996.

Apart from the money that Eldridge has shelled out on his own, and other contributors, there is a host of donors that gave the organization’s Super PAC money in 2018. First of these was M. Blair Hall, Jr. who founded an investment company, Hull Investments in 1999, acting as a parent company to various financial entities, and is a global leader in trading derivatives, financial instruments which have a value in the tens of trillions, at least, and have the potential to crash the whole global capitalist economy. As for Hall, he not only willingly served in Vietnam but he has long been involved in the financial sector, and capitalist exchanges, trading hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars, while also supporting typical liberal causes like reproductive rights, gender equality, LGBTQ+ issues, and has long been a donor to the Democratic Party. A perfect person to donate to Stand Up America, right in line with another one of the donors, part of KCG Holdings: Daniel Tierney, a successful financial trader who was once called a “master” of Wall Street and donated to corporate-friendly Rahm Emanuel, the former mayor of Chicago. Tierney, often contributing to various PACs, mostly associated with the Democratic Party. This is similar to another one of the donors, Seth Klarman, part of the Baupost Group, another huge investor worth over $1 billion dollars, and is called an “investment legend” by Forbes and contributed to the Democratic Party since 2016 after being a major donor to the GOP. This connects to the one final donor in 2018: the Sixteen Thirty Fund. This lobbying/advocacy organization which operates often alongside the New Venture Fund, funding so-called “center-left organizations” and is managed by a consulting firm based in D.C. which “caters to left-leaning clients.” This makes it abundantly obvious that Parenti was correct:

free speech belongs mostly to those who can afford it. It is a commodity that needs to be marketed like any other commodity. And massive amounts of money are needed to reach mass audiences. So when it comes to freedom of speech, some people have their voices amplified tens of millions of times, while others must cup their hands and shout at the passing crowd.

Apart from this, other records show that Stand Up America’s PAC spent almost half a million dollars targeting Steven King and Devin Nunes for defeat with their top donors being the Baupost Group, Hull Investments, the Sixteen Thirty Fund, and KCG Holdings, showing the connection of this organization to the bourgeoisie.

Retweets and the broader picture

The organization has ties to liberal bourgeoisie, promoting New Yorker articles, ruminates about “cracks” forming in the GOP, Sierra Club-backed pro-impeachment protests, and claiming there is “momentum” on impeachment, citing a Washington Post article. [10] Samples of some of their retweets are shown below, showing the connections between these organizations, since Stand Up America is signal boosting, meaning they are sharing posts from another group or person to raise awareness of something, disseminating the message to their own audience, a form of artificial amplification of the content itself, making it easy to manipulate mass opinion, not only Sierra Club but the Center of American Progress, CREW, and Indivisible.

The message with Indivisible ties it into a bigger network of organizations, like MoveOn, By the People, Public Citizen, and SEIU, showing they want to move quickly. This means that Stand Up America is part a bigger trend as there are various other groups that want the orange menace to be impeached, inherently thinking of class as a concept that is “nothing more than a set of demographic traits” rather than a form of oppression interacting with racism, sexism, and other forms. The reasoning of these groups is often tied up Russophobia, which ends up not only benefiting the U$ military but the military contractors and arms manufacturers, but the CIA and other parts of the intelligence apparatus in their efforts. In the message on Indivisible’s website, they singularly focus on the orange menace and his “crimes” which they limit to the Ukraine scandal and supposed wrongdoing unearthed by the Mueller report, but not anything about war crimes, threatening to destroy the DPRK, trying to topple the governments of Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, Syria, and the DPRK, along with illegal (and murderous sanctions) on the DPRK itself, among much more:

The Mueller report confirmed what we already knew: Trump abused his authority, violated the law, and tried repeatedly to obstruct justice. Trump has now been accused by a whistleblower of asking Ukrainian leaders to interfere with our elections by digging up dirt on his political opponents, and then Trump himself admitted—ON CAMERA—that the call took place. Donald Trump is a criminal. These activities are impeachable offenses. Finally, it looks like House Democrats are ready to act. Nancy Pelosi has announced a formal impeachment inquiry of Trump, and Rep. Adam Schiff, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, has announced that the Committee will continue its work through the October recess, but that doesn’t mean our work stops here…Every member of Congress (MoC) should be on the record in support of an impeachment inquiry and a vote in the House before Thanksgiving to hold Trump accountable and of a fair and open impeachment trial in the Senate.

Eldridge put this imperialist mindset perfectly when he sneered on October 4th that “foreign interference in our elections is wrong, no matter who it helps and no matter what nation it comes from. Every American and every member of Congress should be able to stand up and say that” seeming to have no element of reflection that the U$ has done much worse than what Russian agents are accused of doing. Digging further into this, you arrive on a website titled “ImpeachNow,” declaring that “activists” are coming together to thank House Dems who have called for impeachment, demanding during the October recess that senators and representatives impeach the orange menace, saying they need to “remember the oath they took to protect the Constitution” and speak publicly. It then lists a town hall or district event “near you,” saying “they” will help you recruit if necessary, and to use “their” resources for help, even trying to “clarify” recent impeachment news. Unlike some other sites, like that of Stand Up America. They openly state who is behind them:

We’ve already talked about Stand Up America and its support (and positioning) but what about these others? Indivisible is a blase movement that is inherently anti-GOP (and pro-Democrat) with ties, through its board of directors, to the Council on Foreign Relations, Ivy League schools, Amplify, Center of American Progress, AmeriCorps VISTA, National Immigration Law Center (bourgeois immigration law group), the U$ State Department, New Media Ventures (a group of so-called “angel investors” supporting new media and tech companies), and the SEIU. As for their staff, they are tied to similar entities, like MoveOn, along with some previously working for Harry Reid, Lloyd Doggett, Maria Cantwell, and Luis Gutiérrez. Like entities such as MoveOn (which even has its own PAC), Indivisible is clearly a Democratic Party front in the sense that is outwardly anti-GOP and puts a happy face on the Democratic Party, with support for a “blue wave,” making it seem more palatable, despite its obvious awfulness as a standard bearer of the bourgeoisie, like the GOP but not always using the same tactics to accomplish similar goals.

As for the others, CREDO Action is almost a copy of ActBlue but for supposed “progressive” causes, while the “By the People” literally tries to act like a grassroots pro-impeachment march, declaring their goal is to “remove the Trump administration from office” saying they are part of a movement, and declaring they are nonviolent, rejecting “all projects or campaigns that seek to remove the Trump administration through violence.” Interestingly, although they say they want to remove the administration, they seem to only be referring to the orange menace himself, not anyone else like Mike Pence, Betsey DeVos, or Mike Pompeo, along with a host of other advisors. Their reasoning for impeachment goes beyond what sites like the ImpeachNow calls for, citing the orange menace’s racist and anti-immigrant statements, his inaction on Puerto Rico, obstruction of the Mueller investigation, funneling money to his own corporations, and the Russophobic claim that he invited a “foreign dictator,” obviously implying Putin, “to hack our voting systems and a major political party, and then trying to cover up their involvement.” I was interested by the fact it said he casually threatened a “nuclear war that would kill millions of people,” not sure if this is referring to his comments on the DPRK or something else entirely. Their response to the question of whether Pence is a bigger threat is kinda hilarious, as is their response that this is basically a pro-Democrat effort by denying the obvious, showing their single-mindedness:

Right now Mike Pence is able to move his agenda forward as one of the most powerful members of the Trump Administration. The most effective way to limit his power is to build a movement to impeach Trump and Trump-ism. Impeaching Trump will draw a line, and say to future Presidents that they cannot repeat his abuses of power. It’s a wholescale rejection of Trump-ism. The movement we build will help defend against any attempts to return to Trump’s abuse of power. In that way we can make sure that we are taking a step towards an America that works for all of us, no matter who is in office next – Mike Pence, or otherwise.

How will just going after the orange menace make an Amerika that works for everyone? This honestly makes no sense.

Other groups, like Mainers for Accountable Leadership, and SEIU are obviously just pro-Democratic Party. You could say the same about the Women’s March, with their mission and principles mentioning nothing about war, imperialism, or capitalism at all. Their national board is filled with those tied to the Obama administration, Beto O’Rourke (when he ran for the Senate in 2018), Planned Parenthood, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Our Revolution, Zero Hour March, National Organization of Women chapter, Race Forward’s site named Colorlines, Democratic Party of New Mexico, Native Americans in Philanthropy, Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign, Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace, the supposed “Black liberation movement,” and much more (also see here). Other groups, like March for Truth are outwardly Russophobic, supposedly “progressive” but really pro-Democratic Party (in the case of Daily Kos), or are tied to billionaire Tom Steyer like Need to Impeach which has been around since 2017. The latter group, in their reasoning for impeachment focuses on either obstructing the Russia investigation, profiting from the presidency, supposed collusion with the Russians, advocating violence (by Neo-Nazis, police, and against Muslims), abuse of power by pardoning Joe Arpaio, supposedly not being able to “make informed decisions in the event of a military crisis” like the efforts with the DPRK, persecuting political opponents, attacking the supposedly “free press,” violating due process of immigrants, and violating campaign finance laws. Again, this listing is absurdly limited, barely focusing on foreign policy at all! Apart from what I said earlier, there is nothing here about inciting war with Iran or supporting the claim by the Zionist state that their capital is Jerusalem, abrogating Palestinian rights.

As for the other entities, they are either inherently wedded to “changing” the Democratic Party to be “progressive” in the case of Progressive Democrats of America, DemCast,, SEIU, and People for the American Way, claim to advocate for “consumers” (a bourgeois and reformist notion), and an anti-Citizens United decision group. But they are not the only ones that are behind this impeachment charade, with the other groups covered in part two of this series.


[1] If you want to read these tweets of filth, see here and here for Rosie O’Donnell, here for Acevado, here for Zucker, here for Takei, here for Obeidallah, here and here for Holly O’Reilly, here, here, here, and here for Tara Dublin, and here and here for Abravanel. See the tweets by Norton here and Camp here. For the full articles summarized above, please see “The Ukraine Scandal Might Be a Bad Gambit for Democrats” by Mate, “Who’s Afraid of Impeachment? On Presidential Investigation and a 2020 Backlash” by DiMaggio, “The Problem with Impeachment” by Hedges, and “Beyond Impeachment: Remove This Regime From Below” by Street. Others who support impeachment include columnist Connie Schultz who is married to Sherrod Brown, Maxine Waters, Tulsi Gabbard, Samantha Bee, Beto O’Rourke, Andy Ostroy, Rob Gill, IIhan Omar, Florida Democrats, David Axelrod (possibly), Billy Baldwin, and Pete Daou (see here and here), while journalists like Jim Acosta, Glenn Kirschner, Adam Serwer, Barb McQuade, and Kevin M Kruse. Interestingly, Kurt Eichenwald, a famed author outwardly opposes impeachment, saying the case needs to be “overwhelming” to be successful. My original research is assembled in this Twitter Moment if you are interested.

[2] Other articles I read noted that the CIA officer hilariously said he was concerned for his safety and the Kremlin saying that phone calls between the orange menace and Putin would need Russian consent to be disclosed, a fact that Democrats could easily use to dumbly call the orange menace a “Russian puppet,” which is far from the reality.

[3] I’d also like to mention an article on September 30th in Bloomberg (“Trump Revving Up a Campaign Fueled by Impeachment Grievances”) noting that the orange menace is fighting tooth and nail, declaring that Democrats are trying to stop him because he is “fighting for you” [implying the White section of the working class], and going into paranoid zone even further by declaring “the Democrats want to take away your guns, they want to take away your health care, they want to take away your vote, they want to take away your freedom, they want to take away your judges, they want to take away everything,” treating them as the biggest threat the world has seen.

[4] If you want to read their hideous tweets, see here, here, here, here, here, and here.

[5] See “Facebook co-founder hubby’s brazen run,” Politico, Apr 9, 2014; “Former Ottawa Hills resident to wed Facebook co-founder,” Toledo Blade, Feb 27, 2011; “Young, Rich and Relocating Yet Again in Hunt for Political Office,” New York Times, July 11, 2013; “Chris Hughes and Sean Eldridge,” New York Times, July 1, 2012; “The Complex Power Coupledom of Chris Hughes and Sean Eldridge,” Vanity Fair, Jun 4, 2015; “Congressional Candidate Sean S. Eldridge Wants You To Know the ‘S’ Stands for ‘Simcha’,”Tablet Magazine, May 16, 2014; “Inside the Collapse of The New Republic,” The New Yorker, Dec 12, 2014; “The Rise and Fall of Chris Hughes and Sean Eldridge, America’s Worst Gay Power Couple,” The Daily Beast, Apr 14, 2017; “A Powerful Combination,” New York Times, May 6, 2012; “Gay Rights Orgs Double Up,” The Advocate, November 29, 2010; “Sean Eldridge Wants to Curb the Influence of Big Donors—Like Himself,” Mother Jones, October 2012; “After Pushing Gay Marriage, Cuomo Is Thanked With Money,” New York Times, Dec 1, 2011; “Cuomo focuses on gay marriage but nothing deters a the chase for millions of dollars,” NY Daily News, May 1, 2011; “Facebook’s anti-Trump news surge,” Politico, Apr 24, 2017; “Protesters plan ‘Tax March’ on Washington demanding Trump’s tax returns,” The Hill, Mar 28, 2017; “Liberal groups increase pressure over Gorsuch nomination,” Politico, Mar 21, 2017; “Liberals launch new anti-Gorsuch campaign,” Politico, Mar 9, 2017; “Progressive group urges senators to support independent commission on Russia,” The Hill, May 10, 2017; Profile on Freedom to Marry; official Facebook page. Other organizations working against Gorsuch were Center for American Progress Action Fund, CREDO Action, Civic Action, the Service Employees International Union, the American Federation of Teachers, End Citizens United, EveryVoice, Indivisible, People for the American Way, Planned Parenthood, and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. Stand Up America also campaigned, with others, against the GOP tax plan.

[6] The Senior Web Developer, Erica Anderson, who worked for “General Assembly,” served the bourgeoisie. The director of Accounts, Lauren Starrett espoused liberal beliefs on her Twitter page (her whole name in all capital letters). The director of technology, Drew Tipson, is a dedicated programmer who loves films like Blade Runner 2049, and Get Out, while clearly thinking that technology can do no wrong, from his Medium page. Sheehan declares on her website that she enjoys “design and development work for a purpose, and collaborating with other creative rebels and digital artists to make amazing shit” while her LinkedIn page describes her as an “interactive art director, visual designer, and front-end developer.” Myer’s website strangely says little about her other than calling her a “visual designer.” Other employees on their team include Reavens Fenelon as Front End Developer, Camden Lee as Senior Web Developer (who states on his website that he did digital design for Donna Edwards’ website, Climate Camp OFA, United on Climate, and Justice Roundtable), Anusha Sivalingam as studio manager, Morgan Kay as Software Engineer, Lizzie Willett as Designer (who is influenced by Michelle Obama), Kelsey Holmes as Digital Project Manager, and Erin Rappleye as Junior Digital Project Manager.

[7] This notes their past work for Tent Partnership for Refugees, Labour Party UK, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Cities of Service, Common Cause, The Moscow Project, National Domestic Workers Alliance, National Organization of Women NYC, Results for America, and Living Standard.

[8] Groups that the organization is tied to include those for entertainment industry managers (Affiliated Managers Group), non-profits (Art House America), the religious community (Bethel AME, Christians in the Visual Arts, InterVaristy, World Vision), pro-military garbage (Boot Campaign), elite academia (Cambridge Roundtable), the art community (International Arts Movement), and many others (Leadership Transformations).

[9] In other articles, it is clear that We Mean Business pushes “consumer activism” as the “answer” to climate change, the same article which also lists CLC as a partner.

[10] To see the original tweets of Stand Up America, go here, here, here, here, and here.

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