Blood-Soaked U.S. Imperialists and Western Media Delusion

This was meant to be published on Oriental Review earlier this week, but they rejected my multiple entreaties, so I am publishing it here instead.

On February 5th, as you probably are aware, the U.S. President was acquitted on the charges that he abused power when soliciting the help of Ukraine’s government in getting dirt on his rival, Joe Biden, and obstructing Congress by “directing defiance” of subpoenas related to investigations of his administration. As expected, the U.S. Senate voted along party lines, apart from Mitt Romney’s defection on the first charge. The U.S. President gloated on Twitter about his “victory” and triumph over the “impeachment hoax,” calling the Democrats do-nothings who are engaged in a “witch hunt” against him. He acted just as haughty in the speech he gave before Congress on February 4, the typical State of The union Empire speech U.S. presidents give every year. He dished out typical “alternative facts” in the land of make-believe, endorsing the U.S. puppet leader in attendance, Juan Guiado, a person Pompeo sees as “democratic.” This is in line with what Elliott Abrams recently declared: that Maduro has engaged in a “complete abandonment of Chavismo.” Such lies can easily be disproved. As Danny Shaw provides a perfect antidote in AntiConquesta where he notes that the people of Venezuela, besieged by U.S. imperialism, “continue to build their Bolivarian Revolution.”

The focus on impeachment by the Western media is being eclipsed by the continuing (or future) investigations of the U.S. President in the House of Representatives and the Sinophobic panic whooped up about the Coronavirus. For the latter, there is nonstop coverage, night after night, in the case of programs on the major networks like CBS, ABC, and NBC, noting the “deaths” and “cases” from the virus, like it is some game. As more and more countries close their borders to Chinese nationals, the country, which comprises about 18% of the world population, is becoming further isolated. As part of the delusion and irrationality perpetrated by such media, elites, and other comprador elements, those in the U.S. are being kept in the dark on many issues. The candidates running for the U.S. presidency, whether in the crowded Democratic field or the singular Republican field, trying to attract increase public support and financial backing from sympathetic capitalists, are also glossing over these issues. For instance, have any of the Democratic Party candidates condemned the Zionist land grab facilitated by the “peace plan” proposed by U.S. imperialists? Perhaps, some have called for a faulty “two-state solution” which has already been invalidated since the Zionist state and the Palestinian statelet are effectively one entity at this present time, leaving few options for Palestinian resistance.

If you often read, watch, or listen to Western media, it is unlikely you will hear any criticism of the extrajudicial and extraterritorial assassination of the leader of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Qasim al-Rami, on Yemeni soil, ordered by a president supported by almost half of the U.S. population. Such support shows the weariness of Americans with Democratic Party’s methods to undermine the U.S. president, clearly shown to be corrupt and vindictive (like calling for payback against his rivals), through their Russophobic investigations. Neither Bernie Sanders nor Elizabeth Warren, the avowed “progressives” in the Democratic Party, said to be the farthest “left,” have condemned an action which the U.S. President has declared as a victory. Such an assassination is a violation of the U.N. Charter, which states that all U.N. members have to refrain from “the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state” and is not, in any sense, an act of self-defense. It also runs afoul of the U.S. Constitution’s delegation of war powers to the U.S. Congress, not the U.S. presidency. Although U.S. imperialists could have justified it if the Democratic-backed resolution about war powers passed the U.S. Senate, falsely claiming they needed to prevent an “imminent attack.” Additionally, this strike goes against the spirit of the Hague Conventions in the early 20th century calling for “pacific settlement” of international dispute and the Kellogg-Briand Pact which renounces the “recourse to war” in national policy with all disputes. Furthermore, this assassination (likely by the CIA) by drone could be considered a crime of aggression and is the second attempt to kill Qasim al-Rami after a failed attempt back in 2017. Such a criminal act shows that the current U.S. president, despite his griping, is part and parcel with the “intelligence” community, comprising what could be called the “shallow state” rather than the oft-used “deep state.”

The media’s obsession with certain subjects, trying to boost their ratings, whether by kowtowing to the U.S. President like Fox News or “criticizing” him like MSNBC, ignore or downplay one key focus of U.S. imperialists: maintaining Iraq as a neocolonial state. Sure, the U.S. State Department can grumble about “killing and wounding” of demonstrators in Iraq, while calling for the Iraqi government to address their demands by “enacting reforms and tackling corruption,” but U.S. imperialists have never been friends of the Iraqi people. The more than 50 U.S. troops who were injured by Iran’s legitimate response, to the killing of Gen. Soleimani, are illegal occupiers who the Iraqi parliament asked to leave, now a focus of the country’s political arena. The new Prime Minister of Iraq, Mohammed Allawi, will likely follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, Adel Abdel Mahdi, again pushing for withdrawal of U.S. troops from the country. This could leave U.S. imperialists scrambling, even as protesters on the streets are unconvinced, seeing him as just another member of the country’s national bourgeoisie.

Apart from the U.S.-backed Zionist land grab, the U.S. assassination in Yemen, and continued U.S. imperial presence in Iraq, U.S. imperialists are pushing to change the WTO to their benefit. These is the continued destabilization of Syria through the funneling of U.S. arms and ammunition, coupled with that sent from client states such as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, into the hands of Syrian terrorist organizations. In the end, U.S. imperialists will foment instability, from Syria to Hong Kong, Lebanon to Bolivia, no matter how bloody their hands get in the process.

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